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Play three card poker and have a blast learning about the many nuances of this great game. Join the many people who love playing three card poker online.

Three Card Poker | Online Casino Game

Three Card Poker

The game of three card poker is one that is wildly popular - and with good reason. It's actually two games in one which keeps the player having fun and enjoying variety every time that he plays. There are two bets to make with three card poker. They are the ante bet and the pair plus bet. You can choose to bet on just one of them or to enjoy both.

Pair Plus Bet

The pair plus bet in three card poker is very straight forward. Here, you get three cards and are paid out according to their value. You aren't playing against the dealer or worrying about what the dealer has.

The Ante Bet

The ante bet with three card poker is a wager that the player is making against the dealer. You look at your three cards and you can either raise on a play with an equal bet or fold and lose your ante bet. If you end up folding, you lose the pair plus bet if you had one. If you raise on the bet, you are going against the dealer's hand. The dealer has to get a queen or better to qualify. There are four outcomes that are possible. The dealer might not qualify and the ante win will be 1 to 1. The dealer could qualify and the player beats the dealer. Both the play and the ante win 1 to 1 here. There could be a situation where the dealer qualifies and the dealer then beats the player. Here, both the play and ante lose. The fourth option is that the dealer qualifies and ties the player. Here, both the play and ante push.

More Tips for Playing

As you start to play three card poker, you'll get three cards. If you've made an ante bet at this point, you have to decide if you will bet that your hand beats the dealers or fold. After all of the bets have been made, the dealer will turn his cards over and you'll see if the dealer qualifies and who wins. In three card poker, the ranks are: Straight flush,Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, High card.

Three Card Fun

People love the game of three card poker for many reasons. One of these reasons is that if offers many variations. Not many games have more than one way to play them, and this adds fun to the playing experience. Another reason people love three card poker is that it combines both skill and luck, and players enjoy using their minds as well as enjoying the excitement of the lucky draw.

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