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Play casino war and have more fun with your card game today. Learn why this simple format creates such an exciting and fun game for anyone who loves to play.

Online Casino War | Play For Real Money

Casino War Fun

Do you remember sitting on your bedroom floor with a friend getting into a fierce battle of casino war? You had all of your cards lined up and you kept hoping that the final card would wipe out his lead and allow you to scoop up all of his cards. Now, you can enjoy that experience again as an adult with casino war online! Casino war is a very simple game and one that you'll enjoy playing over and over again.

Starting the Game

You start with casino war by placing an ante bet. You can also place a tie bet, but this is not essential as the ante bet is. After you've placed your bet, you'll click on the deal button and you and the dealer will get one card. If yours is higher, then you win even-money. If the dealer's is higher, then you lose the ante bet. In casino war, the ace is the highest card, and then the king, queen, jack and 10 rule, all the way down to the 2. The suits don't matter in this game at all.

Tying with Casino War

Now, if you tie, the real excitement begins with casino war. If you and the dealer have the same card value, then you have to either surrender or raise. If you surrender, you'll lose half the value of your ante bet. If you raise (or go to war, as we used to do when we were little), then you'll put in a raise bet. This bet is equal to the value of your ante bet. You'll each get one more card and you'll see whose card is higher. If you're the lucky one, you'll get even money on your ante bet and your raise bet will be a push (so it's returned to you without a gain or loss). If you lost out and the dealer's card was higher, you'll lose your ante bet and your raise bet.

Tie Bets

It's helpful to know that you can make a tie bet at the beginning of the casino war game after you've placed your ante bet. This is a side bet that is optional and is independent of your ante bet. If you've placed a tie bet and you have the same card value as the dealer in the first card, then you'll win a 10-1 payout on the tie bet. If the cards aren't the same, then you'll lose your tie bet. Enjoy the fun of feeling like a kid again, but playing like an adult, with casino war!

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