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Learn how to play Keno so that you can dominate the game at online keno games at the online casino., and have a blast playing it. Keno is easy to learn to play and a lot of fun to enjoy.

Keno Fun

Keno is very similar to lotto. If you've ever gone into a convenience store and selected a series of numbers that you hope will be drawn in the next lottery, then you've played a game similar to keno. The only version of the game is just as fast-paced and fun to enjoy as is the lottery you might play at the neighborhood store. The benefit here, of course, is that you can play whenever you want to do so with the click of a mouse and you don't have to leave your house for anything!

Keno Background

The game of keno first came to America in the mid 1800s when Chinese immigrants brought it. They had been playing already in China for many years, and they brought the game when they sought work in the mines and railroads in America. Since then, it's been a very popular game.

How to Play Keno

When you start with keno, you'll see that there is a board with numbers from 1 to 80. Your job is to select a minimum of four numbers, but usually no more than 10 (sometimes 20). You mark off the numbers you want to select and make your bet. You're betting on the idea that the numbers you select will be the ones that come up when the draw out numbers.

What Happens Next with Keno

Then, twenty numbered keno balls are drawn at random from a barrel that has 80 numbered balls in it. You'll often enjoy fun graphics as the keno balls bounce across the screen and fall into place to reveal the winning numbers. If you've hit enough of the selected numbers, then you'll win.

How Much Have You Won?

With keno, the amount that you win is dependent on the type of ticket that you played and the number of spots that you guessed correctly. Before you start to play the keno game, you can take a look at the rules that they list. You'll see there how much you can win based on the number of correct numbers that you have. You can also see what the minimum bets are and what the maximum bets are.

Quick Fun with Keno

What so many people love about keno is that it doesn't require any strategy or deep thought. You don't have to learn complicated rules and you don't have to worry about what your next strategy will be. You simply select numbers that you want to win, make a bet and wait to see if you've won. The action here is fast and the results are practically instant so there is no waiting around to see what will happen next. Have a blast with your next game online by making it keno!

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