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Enjoy the game of online roulette every time that you want to have a blast at the online casino. Learn all about roulette's rules so you can play like a pro and enjoy.

Online Roulette Fun

kitten roulette cartoonIf you're looking for a game that's made up of mostly luck with a tiny bit of skill rolled in, then online roulette is the game for you. The point of the game is to guess the number where the ball will land when it's been spun on the wheel. There are a few types of online roulette including American Roulette and European Roulette and each type has slight variations in the rules. The general idea of the online roulette game, however, can be explained in one place.

Understanding online roulette

You place a bet on the number or numbers where you think the roulette ball will land. The wheel then spins in one direction and the ball goes in the other direction. The ball then lands in a numbered pocket. On the wheel there are 38 numbered pockets with half red and half black. Numbers that are directly across from each other are one number apart. Interesting, every other number added together will equal 37 or 39.

Online Roulette Bets: Inside

Now, the game sounds quite simple. You make a prediction about where the ball will land and see if it goes there. But it's actually made more complicated than this because there are 11 types of bets that you can make. Bets can be single number bets, black color numbers, red color numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, a range of numbers and more. There are inside bets and outside bets. An inside bet is a bet that places the bet on any of the 36 numbers and these bets pay higher than outside bets - but the odds are higher. A straight up bet, for instance, in online roulette is one where you bet on a single number, while a split bet is one where you bet on two numbers. You'll win if the ball lands on either. With a street bet, you'll betting on three numbers and with a corner bet you're betting on four. There are a few others as well.

Online Roulette Bets: Outside

With outside bets in online roulette, you are placing a bet outside of the numbered layout. These are lower risk and lower paying and they include things like column bets where you're looking at 12 numbers in a column and the dozen bet where you're looking 12 low, middle or high numbers on the wheel. There are other outside bets which include betting on all of the red or black numbers, betting on even or odd numbers and betting on low or high numbers.

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