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Play sic bo and learn why this ancient Chinese game is making waves in the online casino community today. People love playing sic bo and seeing if they've hit the mark.

Online Casino - Sic Bo Fun

Sic Bo is a game that looks really complicated when you first get to the screen, but is actual quite easy to play when you begin. It is played with three dice and the goal is to predict the combination that the dice will land on. You start the game by placing your bet on the sic bo table and predicting how you think the three dice will fall. You can make many bets at one time and the amount of each bet is listed on the sic bo table.

Many Bets with Sic Bo

Now, with sic bo, there are actually seven types of bets that you might make. There is a dice face bet where you rely on one side of the dice. If the number that you predicted appears on a die, you win the equivalent of your initial bet. If it's on two die, then you win twice that initial bet, and on three dice you win three times. Two faces works with dice number combinations. You bet that two specific numbers will come out and if they do, the casino will pay you 5:1. With total bets, you are betting on the total number that the three dice will add up to.

More Betting Choices

With the small or big bet, you are betting that the three dice will fall between 4 and 10 when added together; with the big, you're betting that the three dice will total 11 to 17. With a triple bet in sic bo, you're betting that every die will show the same number! You'll get a huge payout here of 150:1 since it's so rare to see it. Another bet is the any triple bet where you're betting that a triple will appear. Finally, you can bet on any pair, saying that you think two of the dice will have the same numbers.

Play to Have Fun

The game of sic bo isn't one that requires skill and that makes it quite fun for many people. Once you learn about the many different bets that you can make, you can simply sit back and see if you've hit the mark. There is no pressure here to learn tables or strategies. Enjoy sic bo, a game that originated in early Chinese civilization and that continues to please so many people today. Once you get the hang of the seven different types of bets you can start to play your first round. Keep in mind that you can bet on having very small number combations or very large ones, something that keeps people entertained every time that they play. Enjoy sic bo for its simplicity and complexity today.

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