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Lets first start with showing yout the Maze of the Virgo

Virgo Maze

Virgo Maze By: Drawn In: Sydney, Australia Date Uploaded: 2013-02-05 Maze Description: Maze artwork of the Virgo sign from astrology and the zodiac. The maze solution is here if someone can't solve the maze, and espeically if they are a Virgo :)

Some funny cat memes

Now, in order to stagger you accidential falling upon the maze's solution, we present to you 5 awesome cat memes of funny cat sterotypes. Enjoy!

Cat contemplating the plans for napping.

Funny cat meme

The overly domesticated cat.

Cat is too domesticated

What kind of burger was it?

I can haz burger

Maybe it will still be lucky day?

black cat luck

Snobby Rich Cat Behavior.

funny snob cat

That wraps is up here for the cat memes, now the maze's solution for those that either need help solving the maze, or those that solved it and want to confirm that they did it right. (You know who you are). BUT first, a few words from our sponsor....

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Virgo Maze Solution

Virgo Maze Solution

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